Saturday, June 10, 2006


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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back to square one

Right, so just when I begin to think a few more minor touches to "Galaxia" will make it ready for possible publication, Erin has pointed out major flaws in the structure, leading up to a major overhaul. In point, a chronic overdose of deus ex machina- rather surprising that nobody pointed it out to me so far.

Not too bad, I suppose, when you consider it was merely the first draft. Although now massive revision is required. What with NLS and all coming up, time-schedule for completion must now be extended to March-end of next year rather than originally hoped December. Heck.

Monday, June 05, 2006


It is 3 AM. For the last two hours I have been online, searching through the internet for Poetry magazines, sifting through reams and reams of web addresses, trying to separate the trash from the genuine, trying to decide where to send my work.

And now, after discovering the Foyle's Young Poet Contest I am overcome by a deep sense of futility. Four years, sixty "young poets", winners of an international contest- exactly one out of sixty has bothered to try and rhyme, and not a single one has a sense of meter.

Damn everything, is free verse all you have? Just pen down anything which comes to mind, and think you're writing like T.S Eliot? What a crying shame... hundred years ago said "poems" would have been laughed out of existence. The great romantics would be turning in their graves now if they could read the sort of trash being served up in the name of poetry. Oh where art thou fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning...?

I was on the websites of "Poetry", "The Poetry Society", "The Boston Review" and "The Paris Review"- free verse everywhere. No sense of metre, and as for rhyming... don't even mention the word. So this, then, is contemporary poetry. Part of so-called "modern art." A meaningless jamboree of words put together to sound philospophical, but all sound and fury, signifying nothing. Deeply, deeply frustrating... I did enter a Part One of "Crusader's Song" as well as "Minstrel" for Foyle's, but I'm seriously contemplating quitting writing poetry and sticking to prose from now on... there doesn't seem to be a point to it.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Time spent for ivy applications: 150 hours
Time spent slogging for the boards: 8 months.
Spending five hours on NLS prep. and getting Rank 8? Absolutely friggin priceless!

I feel like doing an Henry, dancing around in a circle, singing "Are you watching, are you watching, are you watching, Princeton?"

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blest be this day!

William Morris- the man who invented the genre of magic realism, or fantasy, socialist, philopsopher, political reformer, writer and poet. Four years have I searched for books by this genius, scouring bookshops in New Delhi, Frankfurt, Manchester, London and Lisbon only to be baffled each time. And now by sheer chance I've got my hands on the entire collection, and that too free of cost.

Project Gutenberg, hereafter you have my unquestioned and unconditional love. ;-) But for you I would have had to spend at least three more years ignorant of the works of the man I consider above everyone else to be my idol, my God. Now I have The Well at World's End saved on my computer, and will get the rest shortly. Quite obviously I am in no position to promise I would name my first-born child Gutenberg, but it is a distinct possibility. ;-)

I begin "The Well at World's End" tonight. Hopefully I will get through the entire works by the end of the hols, side by side with finishing Shakespeare and "Lives," and completing the editing and expanding of "Galaxia". Interesting days lie ahead.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Been a long time...

Almost three weeks, I think, but somehow these days I don't seems to be able to summon up the inclination to write my blog. A notable regrettable state of affairs. So for lack of time I must devote a para or so to each of the momentous events that have happened over the past twenty or so days intead of en entire post.

Arsenal vs Wigan- the last game at Highbury. 4-2, but not without moments of drama, not before we were down 2-1 and looking to end up 5th... in the end a virtuoso Henry hat-trick coupled with a memorable gesture when he kneeled to kiss the Highbury turf. What a send-off for the grand old stadium. Goodbye Highbury, 1913-2006, gone but never forgotten.

Champions' League Final- A great performance, a stirring performance full of grit, passion and determination- down to 10 men after just twenty minutes due to another eccentric moment from Mad Jens and Bobby being taken off in possibly his last Arsenal game was truly heartbreaking. Still, a magnificent rearguard action made us all dare to dream for a while before ol' Henric Larsson shattered everything. Next season I am backing Valencia in the La Liga. Still, well done lads, here's to the first of many finals.

Henry's new contract- I was almost dancing when I heard the news. Four more years to terrorize the EPL defenses and make him the greatest Arsenal player ever, period. The perfect antidote after the gloom of 17th May. We love you Thierry, we do!

Oh yeah, sometime in the middle of this all Theo Walcott has been picked for the England squad, I've begun reading Plutarch's "Lives" and the board exam results are day after tomorrow.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Random musings

Next time I work on a code I'm going to hire Subiet to create a computer program which will let me do all my substitutions in one go! ;-) Transferring each letter to a numeral was among the most tedious things I have ever done and took half the night... coincidentially K.A called up that same evening to ask about- of all things- cryptography! Sometimes I feel I am in touch with people who are telepathic! :-D

Recently I have been getting addicted to one song after the other (all accompanied by LOTR videos). First it was "Memories" by Within Temptation, then "My Immortal" by Evanescence, then "Into the West" by Annie Lennox. All these songs seem to be just right for an LOTR video, and makes watching/listening the perfect experience.

Yesterday while looking for Metallica symphonies I happened to chance upon the Trans-Siberian Orchestra... for a stunning fusion of classical and rock, they are just what the doctor ordered... absolutely brilliant! The next time I go to Saket I'll be looking out for their "Beethoven's Last Night."

So my Spain jersey arrived a few days ago. Now nothing can stop Raul from lifting the Cup! ;-)

Finally... joined yesterday. A true home away from home for the LOTR fanatic... although it's seems confusingly huge at first, it takes only about an hour to nevigate your way through and get familiar with it. Also joined the RPG game there- as a rule I don't do RPGs, but where LOTR is concerned, a lot of rules have to be broken. Talking of which, it is time to learn Elvish, but I can't decide whether to start with Quenya or Sindarin...