Friday, September 30, 2005

1st October, 5:45 AM

We all knew our country had gone to the dogs a long, long time ago, but if any proof is required, here it is. India ditched long-time ally Iran in the Nuclear vote, siding instead with the US. So while the editors rave about self-interest and the new world order, we are severing our ties with allies with whom we not only share many more common platforms, but also allies who have come to our aid in the past. The Government rushes to bow and scrape to Dubya and co.- they try to twist our arm, and we break it ourselves for them. They try to walk over us, and we lie down on a carpet with an invitation board on our faces.

Moving on, yesterday was a seriously tiring day- I am yet to go to bed! Five hours of studying and three hours of pracs- and nothing much of anything else really. The Princeton applications were mailed today (rather yesterday)- school is in about two hours, and somehow I can't get my eyes closed!

*Sigh* the "Game of Thrones" in Examania will have to wait for another day- I seriously need to get to bed otherwise I am liable to fall asleep in class.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

30th September, 7:00 AM

Another uneventful day at school yesterday. I did some running around for the Princeton form, and it should be all over today. Apart from that, nothing eventful.

Liverpool 0 0 Chelsea. Typically mundane and moribund Chelsea performance which makes you want to go to sleep- but at least Liverpool were entertaining. Also, two clear handballs not given- this type of luck Chelsea gets seriously makes you want to smash your head against the wall. It seems as if the Gods are conspiring to keep that unbeaten run of theirs going- in every game, either they score in stoppage time, or score offside goals, or an opposing player is wrongly sent off.

Now the exams start in thirteen days. Being that type of medeival romantic, I am treating them like a Fantasy Battle Royale. Say it is the fabled land of Examania, where a number of factions are battling for the right to be undispuited Lord and Emperor. Three crucial battles remain- The Battle at Second Termania, The War under PreBoarda and The Final Boarda. More updates on the Kings tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

28th September, 2:30 PM

Amsterdam ArenA
Ajax 1 2 Arsenal FC

Dare I talk about Arsenal and "defencive masterclass" in the same breath? Yet that is what it undoubtedly was. Campbell and Toure were brilliant, Lauren a model in efficiency, Cole ever the tireless long-distance runner. Fantastic Freddie got us off to a dream start finishing a move involving Cesc and Reyes with a sublime chip in the second minute. After that it was the classic away strategy- defend deep and play on the break. Bobby got the second, his only meaningful contribution to the game, through a controversial penalty, and though they scored immediately afterwards, we held on for the three points. Joy was somewhat marred however because the Mancs got completely overrun by Benfica, but because of old Van Nisteldiver, stole the three points. Liverpool play Chelsea today... here's to a crushing defeat for the Moron-ho.

Apart from that school yesterday was good- though nothing of note happened. Studied about five and a half hours. Skipped it today- studied three hours and fifteen.

Another thought for Paolini: The astonishingly cardboard character of Arya the Elf seems to indicate that you created her to complete your own unfulfilled fantasies more than anything else!" Is that going too far...? Not nearly far enough!

Monday, September 26, 2005

27th September, 6:50 am

So the chemistry test went somewhat better than expected. Apart from that school was another day of random mess, except that we had a total of two period study and five period practicals. With the exams in exactly seventeen days, everyone is beginning to feel the heat now! Coming back hom it was an average day as far as studies were concerned- I got in about four and a half hours of differentiation. Football was a massive disaster- we lost 4-10- and I had a goal disallowed, wrongly I might specify right now, by Akshay the King of Cheats. I also happened to see an extremely inane movie called "Visitors" on HBO which I couldn't make head or tail out of. All I got was that there is this girl on this boat, why, how or where I have no idea, and a bunch of stupid idiots who keep droppin in onto the boat from nowhere, scaring the living daylights out of her. *shakes head* Watching at zero volume didn't help either.

Spurs beat Fulham to go to fourth place, ahead of us. By rights I should be cursing, frothing at the mouth and contemplating suicide, but strangely as an Arsenal fan I have never felt that type of bitter animosity to Spurs that my lot are supposed to. Two reasons I guess... I live more than a thousand miles away from North London, so my class at school isn't divided into a Gooner camp and a Spurs camp (though there are plenty of parochial glory-hunting Mancs). Secondly, this is my fifth year supporting Arsenal, and Spurs just haven't been able to give us a fight for the title- so sorry hardcore Gooners, but just can't get excited over the men from "White Fart Lane" holding a lead over us. Talking of which, Ajax vs Arsenal is today. We are seriously injury-ravaged, but Ajax fortunately is not the team it once was under Rinus Michels- or even the glorious team of the 90s. All they have is Wesley Sneidjer- so I am expecting us to pull through... somehow...

Henceforth, schoolmates are going to be mentioned in a special code of my creation. After due deliberation, I have decided upon using names from A Song of Ice and Fire- once, long ago, I used Jennings, but I haven't read that for years. LOTR has too few characters, as has Tintin. So when I say that Tyrion Lannister is a sanctimonious sunofagun, it probably means Shreyas K Reddy is a sanctimonious sunofagun... or Sumeet Singh is a sanctimonious blahblahblah.

I would also like to use this blog as a place where I think of what I am going to say to that self-effacing, arrogant and delusional plagiarist Christopher Paolini- assuming of course that one day I become a prominent author in my own right. Suppose I come up with one good quote a week... if my first novel gets publihed five years later, I'll be armed with an arsenal of two hundred and sixty or so biting barbs. So here's the first... "Look, I know you couldn't resist copying from Tolkien, Jordan and Le Guien... but seriously, did you have to copy from Ann MacCaffrey too...?"

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Starting a blog on the second day of my eighteenth year... surely no omen there. Approximately two and a half hours for a chemistry test- hope no omen there either!

Yesterday was one of those typical Class XII days which are going to get more frequent as time wears on- long, rather uneventful, with plenty of studying. I stayed away from the IIT Rock Fest- not because of the time factor, but because I consider these local Delhi bands rather a pale imitation of the real thing- especially when they play songs like Unforgiven II and the like. The pals didn't get the point though- most of 'em thought I was staying at home to study.

I will be getting A Storm of Swords, book three of George Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series- sometime this week, and using it as the main tension-dissipator for the exams, which are exactly seventeen days away. Martin's good- better at least than that son of a {expletive deleted} Paolini and that {expletive deleted} {expletive deleted} Rowling. Not to mention all those blokes like Goodking, Gemmel et al. If only he would moderate his language- and cut out some of those graphic sex and violence scenes. I mean, ASOIAF reads more like a Historical account of the middle ages, minus the dragons... no doubt that's the effect Martin wants to give, but I rather think Fantasy should deal with such issues on a morally higher ground.

Moving on to football, Arsenal once again misfiring on Saturday. I missed the second half because of the Birthday dinner with my father, but 0-0... lot of teeth-gnashing after that, but the mood improved vastly when the news of ManUre's home defeat to B'Burn came trickling through... the likes of Fudda are going to get it in the neck today, in school.

I promised Sumo he would be included in the first entry of my blog... couldn't really think of how to do it, so I'll make him the first in my series of character studies for my writing.

Sumeet Singh- Short, dark, brown-eyes. stockily built. Voice hasn't broken yet. Shares most of the typical teenage interests, but differs slightly from the median in that he has a little intellectual interest as well. As a friend- has been loyal until now- which is more than which can be said for most.

*Sigh* That sucked big time! Sumo isn't really that type of guy you can lampoon either... no doubt I'll get better at this as time goes on.