Wednesday, March 29, 2006


13000 words. Four chapters. At work on the fifth. Work is going astonishingly fast... but I expect pace to be slowed down now as much more plotting needs to be done once "Part 1" is over- at approximately 20000.

Friday, March 24, 2006

7500 barrier...

...was breached yesterday. Was writing until 3:30 in the morning. Current progress reads- Characterisation of the three protagonists is done, and Prologue, Chapt 1, Chapt 2 edited and on the LJ account.


I wish I could say that a dozen failed attempts at writing a novel have made me a wiser person, only I'm not sure about the truth of that. In any case, every time I begin something it is with the intention of writing a magnum opus- yet this time something feels different. Not only has the idea been in my head for the last two years- the longest time yet compared to my other infatuations- I'm actually able to do characterisations and planning without having to give in to the temptation of actually writing the story.

So it is to be hoped that Galactica/Galaxia will be different from City of Stone, Bridge to Eternity, The Golden Horn and all of those misdeeds of my youth. ;-) No more spontaneity, and to misquote Herge, no more today how I'm going to extricate my heroes from the scrapes I had left them in so unfairly yesterday.

Talking of Herge, the parallelism is quite uncanny. He had his early period, a period of glorious uncertainties, of rough-and-ready writing where quality often suffered at the expense of pace and action. I have had mine, and I hope like him I am entering my "middle period" where the quill has matured enough to produce a work of real quality.

A prologue and chapter 1 done since the exams got over + characterisation of the three protagonists translates into swift progress. Alea Jacta Est as always.