Monday, May 22, 2006

Blest be this day!

William Morris- the man who invented the genre of magic realism, or fantasy, socialist, philopsopher, political reformer, writer and poet. Four years have I searched for books by this genius, scouring bookshops in New Delhi, Frankfurt, Manchester, London and Lisbon only to be baffled each time. And now by sheer chance I've got my hands on the entire collection, and that too free of cost.

Project Gutenberg, hereafter you have my unquestioned and unconditional love. ;-) But for you I would have had to spend at least three more years ignorant of the works of the man I consider above everyone else to be my idol, my God. Now I have The Well at World's End saved on my computer, and will get the rest shortly. Quite obviously I am in no position to promise I would name my first-born child Gutenberg, but it is a distinct possibility. ;-)

I begin "The Well at World's End" tonight. Hopefully I will get through the entire works by the end of the hols, side by side with finishing Shakespeare and "Lives," and completing the editing and expanding of "Galaxia". Interesting days lie ahead.


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