Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back to square one

Right, so just when I begin to think a few more minor touches to "Galaxia" will make it ready for possible publication, Erin has pointed out major flaws in the structure, leading up to a major overhaul. In point, a chronic overdose of deus ex machina- rather surprising that nobody pointed it out to me so far.

Not too bad, I suppose, when you consider it was merely the first draft. Although now massive revision is required. What with NLS and all coming up, time-schedule for completion must now be extended to March-end of next year rather than originally hoped December. Heck.


Blogger darkness said...

Interesting stuff you have written.
I do hope you are having a good time at NLS.
By the way, I won't recommend you to visit my blog, If you do don't read the poems... they donot RHYME and certainly I haven't tried either.
Maybe because .. I dont want to be another T.S Eliot or anywhere even close.. rather just write poems as an expression of my thoughts.
But I now wonder... why call them poems then... its more like prose.

8:36 AM  

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